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Who We Are

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Our Translators & Proofreaders
Kerstin Kramer, CEO


My vision to give my clients quality translations the “first time around” is the same today as it was 27 years ago when I first began my career in the translation business. As CEO of Premier Focus Translations, I continue to build on my vision by providing clients with accurate, culturally correct translation solutions. 

Our strong network of experienced and qualified professional translators, proofreaders, interpreters and DTP experts gives our clients the confidence that their project will be a success. We make sure that every translation we do looks polished, is culturally correct and engages the targeted audience, wherever in the world they are. 

Our Translators & Proofreaders

Anywhere in the world, in any language, our vast network of in-country freelance translators offers reliable and accurate translations. For every translation project our primary goal is to preserve the tone and message of the source material you, as the client, provided to us. Following your specifications, we ensure that the final product will address the target audience’s language, dialect and reading level.

We are dedicated to provide you with culturally correct translations the first time around! We have seen too many companies needing to rework their promotional materials due to translation mistakes. Choose a competent agency – get in touch with Premier Focus Translations! Our translators combine your reference material with their own cultural knowledge, research capabilities and writing skills to produce the highest quality translations for our clients.

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